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Carbon - Kleen Aerosol 12 Pack Case

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Price: $185.00
Prod. Code: C-C 2012

Carbon- Kleen Aerosol Formula is an industrial strength cleaner that dissolves carbon and grease buildup from all metal, glass, and brick surfaces. 100 % safe on aluminum. Simply allow appliance or utensil being cleaned to stand untouched saving time and money. Magically restores cooking utensils and appliances to just like new without scrubbing. Just spray on, let sit and wipe off. Simple and time efficient cleaning of the toughest burnt and baked on soils.

Spray on Carbon-Kleen Aerosol Formula to the surface of the product being cleaned. Allow to stand, untouched, for at least 15 minutes or as long as 4 hours (depending on the thickness of the buildup). Test the surface periodically with a scraper to see if the soil is loosened. When the soil is completely loosened, wash appliance or utensil  under COLD water using a bristle brush or scrub pad. Be sure to thoroughly wash appliance or utensil with warm soap and water before using again.
Product comes packaged in a case of twelve 18 ounce aerosol cans.

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