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Diablo Liquid Specialties:  
Fryer Kleen, Grill Kleen, Oven Kleen,  Hot & Foamy, White Lightning
Diablo:  Filter Kleen:  Cuts the Heavy Built Up Grease On Filter Baffles Quickly & Completely, Soaking Filters Allows Filter Clean To Dissolve All Grease on Front & Back.
Diablo:  Fryer Kleen:  Formulated to Clean at a Lower Temperature ( 180 F ) preventing Back Splashing, Caused By Boil Out Products.
Diablo:  Grill Kleen:  Uses the Newest  Deep Penetrating Wetting Agents That Allows Complete Cutting of the Bond Between Greasy Soil Deposits and Grill Surfaces.  SPRAY ON WIPE OFF
Diablo:  Oven Kleen:  Has the Greatest Penetrating Power, for Fast Thorough Removal of Soil Build Up in Ovens.  Super Wetting Agents Cut Soil Fast.  SPRAY ON WAIT 5 MIN. WIPE OFF.
Diablo:  Hot & Foamy:  A Smoke House Cleaner, Formulated With Super Cling Surfactants, This Allows Higher Amounts of Hot & Foamy to Stay on Deep Vertical Surfaces, and Ceiing Panels. Fast Penetrating Agents Go Through Heavy Soil With Ease
Diablo:  White Lightning:  The Highest Concentrate Available Anywhere,  This Allows White Lightning to Be Diluted With More Parts of Water for Economical Use. 4 oz Per Qt, Making it Economical Yet Super Effective in Cutting Greasy Soils In Kitchens.