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White-Lightning 12-Quarts Per Case  

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Prod. Code: C-C 9012

White Lightning is the strongest, most effective grease cutter available. White Lightning cleans the most stubborn soils instantly, while quickly penetrating the bond between the soils and the surface. This process allows quick and complete removal of difficult soils easily and efficiently. It cleans the greasy soil biuldups that accumulate in areas of the kitchen where food is prepared. White lightning contains ultra concentrated grease cutters with instant action emulsifiers to cut troubling grease and soil on contact.

White Lightning can be used full strength to remove heavy soil buildups, or diluted up to 10:1 for removing light buildups. It may be applied with a trigger sprayer for easy clean up of greasy soils. Simply spray on White Lightning until you see the soil breaking up and lifting off the surface of the item being cleaned, then wipe off.

Product comes packaged in a case of twelve one quart containers.