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Diablo: Products Inc.
Is the leading Manufacturer of Products Designed to Remove Burnt & Baked on Food Deposits Called Carbon. Carbon Deposits are Built up Layers of Burnt Food Deposits,  Carbon-Kleen Quickly Penetrates the Layers of Carbonized Food and Dissolves Them, Allowing Them To Be Removed.
Diablo: Carbon-Kleen, 
Is the Most Advanced Product for the Removal of Carbon Deposits from Cooking Utensils, Grills, Ovens,  Deep Fryer Pots, Pop Corn Cook Pots, Waffle Irons,  Sugar Cone Bakers, and Anywhere Carbon Appears.
Diablo: Carbon-Kleen,
Is Offered In a variety of Packaging, Aerosol, & Gel Form, Packed in Quarts Or Gallons. Special Orders for Liquid Requires Large Quantity. 
Diablo: Liquid Specialties, 
Make Your Job Easier, Grill Clean, Cuts Grease Faster & More Complete. Fryer Clean, Cleans at Lower Temperatures ( 180 F ) No Splashing or Spittiing, Oven Clean, Has Supper Cutting Power,  Hot & Foamy, Smoke House Cleaner is the Strongest Product Available for a Complete Job,  White Lightning. Cuts Heavy Grease Instantly, Allows for Fast Clean Up,  Highly Diluteable 4 Oz Per Quart of Water Cleans Most Grease Eficently.
Diabol: Powder Products, 
Are Economical & Effectively Remove Carbon Deposits On Utensils That Can be Dipped In a Soak Tank, Hot Tanks Increase the Speed Of Cleaning Large Amounts of Utinsels Togher At One Time.  ( No Electronic Parts ).  
Diablo:  Soak-Off:  
Is 100% Safe on Aluminum Utensils.  Soak - Off Dissolves the Fat, Starch, and Protein Deposits that Stick to Metal Surfaces, Allowing Easy Dip Tank Cleaning. Carbon Deposits Dissolved With Soak-Off, Will Never Re Solidify Again.  100 % Safe for Disposal Through Local Sewer Drains.  ( Soak-Off Is 100% Safe On Aluminum Product. )
Diablo: Dip-It:  
Is a Very Strong Alkali Blend Containing Thirteen Different Detergents, Advanced Wetting Agents, Disperseants, & Specialty Surfactants, to Quickly and Economicaly Remove Carbon Soils. Carbon Deposits Dissolved With Dip-It Will Never Re Solidify Again.   100% Safe for Disposal Through Local Sewer Drains. Dip - Cleans Oven Racks & Stove Parts, Broiler Racks, Smoke House Parts, BBQ Grill Grates,  (Dip It Is not Safe for Use On Aluminum Parts. Use Only On Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, Steel.) 
Diablo Products Inc.
PO BOX  E.     KIngston, Pa. 18704
  Phone 1 - 800 - 548 - 1385   
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