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The Original Pancake House Franchising, Inc.

You are welcome to use all or a portion of the following heartfelt endorsement of your product.

The Original Pancake House Franchising, Inc. recommends Diablo Products Carbon Kleen to its more than 80 franchises for the regular cleaning of their waffle irons. Our franchises use waffle irons for high volume production and require a product that will thoroughly clean the irons with minimum effort. We have found no other product that does the job nearly as well.

Yours Truly,

Jon Liss

Lead Training Chef

Central Kansas Concession Supplies, Inc.

Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the Carbon Kleen. This is one product that we have found eases the cleaning process on the popcorn kettles we receive. There is absolutely no difficulty removing even the worst burnt on mess, and believe me, we see a lot of messes.

We take the kettles apart, and set them into the Carbon-Kleen for an overnight soak. Next morning, we remove them, wipe them down under running water, put them back together, and reinsert them into the machines. It's an effortless operation. I am extremely grateful for Carbon Kleen. Most of our customers have remarked that their kettle looks brand new. your product makes us look even better to our customers.    

Just thought you would want to know how pleased we are with Carbon Kleen.


Susie Charlson


Central Kansas Concession Supplies, Inc.


 International House of Pancakes

THANK YOU! The Cleaning product you sent me works great. Previously we were using a product from SOTO PROVISIONS, to clean our waffle irons. This product of theirs not only took an ample amount of time, but the quality was not as good. As you know, we are the highest volume I-HOP in the nation. Time is of the essence and quality is a must.


Darlene Salvati

General Manager

Kentucky Fried Chicken

I have been using Carbon Kleen in my establishment for over 20 years. I have found that it does not streak or spot any of our aluminum pans. I would highly recommend this product for cleaning any aluminum housewares that you may have.

Don F. Wilhelmy

Owner- KFC   Crescent City, CA.

CMG Enterprises, Inc.

This fax is to inform you that we find your product Carbon Kleen to be fantastic! We have a funnel cake concession. When a three day event is finished, the cooker we use is in such a state that it took HOURS of different products, sponges, brushes, rags, and hard labor before we would get it clean of burned on grease. Carbon Kleen takes all the prior products, hard labor, etc., and happily makes them a thing of the past. Now we just brush on Carbon Kleen, wait, and wipe off. we still have tough spots, but we don't mind that in the least.

Carolyn J. Goldberg

CMG Enterprises, Inc.   Fountain Hills, AZ.



Chile Peppers Restaurant

I am writing to thank you for a WONDERFUL product. I have been purchasing Hot n' Foamy kitchen cleaner for the past few months. in my fifteen years of kitchen experience I have never used a more fantastic product. This stuff makes my life simple. Spray it on a hot surface, like the inside of an oven or on the top of a flat grill, and it does the scrubbing for you. Just wipe it off, rinse with vinegar and water, and seal with a thin film of oil, then you're good to go. This stuff is so easy to use none of my staff dreads these once difficult tasks. I will continue to use this product as long as DIABLO keeps making it. thank you Hot n' Foamy.

Gary Schofield

Head Chef

Chili Peppers Restaurant   Waterville Valley, NH.

Outback Steakhouse

I wanted to take the time to tell you that Carbon Kleen is a miracle worker. We have been open for sometime and in that time we have been scrubbing and scrubbing our pans, yet nothing seemed to work. Then, we tried Carbon Kleen. All we had to do was brush a small amount onto our pans, let sit for a few minutes, and rinse. I will definitely be ordering a few more cans in the near future, and I will recommend your product to my associates. Carbon Kleen is a restaurant owner's dream.

Garret Nesler

Outback Steakhouse   Barboursville, WV.

Outback Steakhouse

I can't thank you enough for contacting us here in Arlington, VA. Your product, Carbon Kleen, has worked far beyond our expectations and with such ease. I recommend Carbon Kleen to anyone with those hard to clean, frustrating pots and pans, potato trays, and rib racks.

I encourage you to have anyone contemplating the purchase of your product to contact me. Thank You again for all your help.

Carl F. Koebel IV.

Kitchen Manager

Outback Steakhouse   Arlington, VA.