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                             Oven-Kleen  12-Quarts Per Case

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Oven Kleen is a powerful, highly alkaline, non-flammable cleaner. Oven Kleen clings to surfaces cutting through stubborn soil and grease on contact. It will loosen tough burned on grease from ovens and stove tops. Oven Kleen is easy to use making cleaning the worst soils effortless, thus saving time and money on labor. Safe for use on stainless steel, chrome, porcelain, or glass. Do Not Use on Aluminum.


Warm oven or stove top to approximately 200 degrees. Brush, or spray undiluted Oven Kleen onto baked and burnt-on residues. Allow cleaner to saturate the surface and soak for 5 minutes or longer if soils are heavy. Wipe off or rinse cleaner off of item being cleaned. Repeat if necessary.