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                            Fryer-Kleen  4-Gallons Per Case

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Fryer Kleen is an industrial strength commercial deep fryer cleaner. It is capable of cleaning your deep fryer in 10 minutes. Fryer Kleen cuts the toughest soils on contact. This cleaner is fast and thorough all in one quick and easy application. There is no boiling, no splashing, and no danger with Fryer Kleen. Thus, saving the consumer valuable time and money.

Simply, drain the oil out of the deep fryer. Replace the drain plug, and fill the fryer with cold water up to the normal fill level. Set the temperature to about 180-190 degrees. Once the fryer has reached the optimal temp. allow the fryer to cook about 10 to 15 minutes. Fryer baskets can be left in to be cleaned at the same time. After 10-15 minutes, simply rinse the fryer clean and scrub away any difficult soil buildups.

Product comes packaged in a case of four one gallon containers