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                            Grill-Kleen  4-Gallons Per Case

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Prod. Code: C-C 8004

Grill Kleen is a heat activated extra heavy-duty grill cleaner. Grill Kleen is a fast acting cleaner that provides total soil penetration. it completely emulsifies grease and soils on contact. Grill Kleen instantly cuts through the most stubborn soils and makes them jump right off of the grill. Spray on and wipe off in one easy application. Simple, effortless cleaning saves you time and money.

Grill Kleen will react faster on a warm surface because it is heat activated. Heat the grill to approximately 160 degrees. Spray Grill Kleen onto the surfaces to be cleaned and allow it to stand for at least 2 minutes. Wipe surface clean with a wet cloth or sponge. Remove any leftover residue with a dry cloth. After cleaning, wipe grill down again thoroughly with a wet cloth.

Product comes packaged in a case of four one gallon containers.